How to Keep Deer Away From the Garden: 6 Tips to Have One of the Best Deer Repellent Gardens!

How to Keep Deer Away From the Garden: 6 Tips to Have One of the Best Deer Repellent Gardens!Today we will teach you how to keep deer away from the garden by using some of the best deer deterrents on the market!

We know firsthand how frustrating these animals can be to your desirable plants and crops.

They cause endless amounts of wasted time, money, and effort.

Our goal is to provide you with reputable products that will help you alleviate this problem for good!

We’ve broken these deer deterrents down into several categories and explained exactly how they work to repel deer.

At the end of each category description, we will provide you with links to more detailed product reviews where you can learn about the specific products in these categories and where they can be purchased.

Follow the 6 tips below to have one of the best deer repellent gardens around!

  1. Use Deer Repellent Sprays

Bobbex Deer Repellent Concentrate Review: One of the Best Deer Repellent Spray Products!Deer Repellent Sprays are one of the best deer deterrents on the market because of their outstanding effectiveness!

They have been around for many years and work by emitting scents that deer find disturbing.

Products such as Bobbex and Liquid Fence have been proven to repel deer and are used in some of the best deer deterrent gardens.

These sprays use all natural ingredients such as putrescent eggs, garlic, and chili peppers to keep deer away.

Liquid Fence Deer Repellent Concentrate Review: You Won't be Disappointed!The deer repellent concentrate is simply mixed with water and applied to your garden plants approximately every month.

Users have spoken very highly of these products and state that deer have completely vacated their gardens.

Furthermore, all of these deer repellent sprays come with full money-back guarantees if they don’t live up to their claims.

We love this deer repellent category and highly recommend that you give them a try!

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  1. Use Deer Repellent Granules

Deer Scram Repellent Review An Effective Granular Deer RepellentUnlike sprays which are applied directly to plants, this deer deterrent is placed on the ground around the perimeter of your garden.

These granules emit a smell that is similar to that of other dead deer. This smell repulses these animals and as a result, they usually stay far away.

When the product is past its useful life, it will break down into an organic, nitrogen-rich fertilizer.

This product is significantly more convenient that deer repellent sprays as it only takes a fraction of the time to apply it to the ground opposed to treating individual plants.

Reviewers have great things to say about products such as Deer Scram and use it every year to protect their gardens.

We think they do an amazing job at repelling deer and advise trying them out for yourselves!

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  1. Use Ultrasonic Deer Repellents

Pest Soldier Sentinel Review: The Best Ultrasonic Deer Repellent!This category of deer deterrents works but emitting ultrasonic sounds.

Deer find these frequencies very irritating and tend to stay far away from the areas these devices are placed in.

These deer devices are very easy to operate and have many customizable settings for your convenience.

They are extremely convenient in that once they are set up, they don’t really require any further intervention.

A Great Ultrasonic Deer Repeller The Hoont Animal Repeller StrobeOne of our favorite ultrasonic deer devices is the Pest Soldier Sentinel. Not only does it have amazing reviews on Amazon, but it has a very large coverage area and sensors to activate the device when deer are near.

Another one of our favorite ultrasonic deer repellers is the Hoont Animal Repeller. This unit uses both ultrasonic frequencies and a light to frighten deer. It also has a solar panel on the top of the unit to recharge its batteries.

This is one of our favorite deer repellent categories and definitely think it should be on the top of your list!

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  1. Use Solar Deer Repellent Lights

Predator Guard Solar Powered Predator Deterrent LightThese deer deterrents use pulsating lights to scare deer away.

Deer perceive these lights as predators’ eyes and subsequently head in the other direction.

These lights are certainly a prerequisite for the best deer repellent gardens.

In addition to deer, they scare away a myriad of other animals that love to eat your garden plants.

One of the best features of these deer deterrents is that they require zero intervention. They charge themselves during the day with their integrated solar panels so that they can operate all night long.

Nite Guard Solar Predator Control LightOnce the sun comes up they will automatically deactivate.

These repellents should be used in conjunction with another category of deer repellents as they only work at night to repel deer.

However, since deer cause most of their damage at night, this is an essential part of deer deterrent gardens!

We love these lights and think that they should be in every garden where deer are present!

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  1. Use Deer Sprinkler Repellents

Orbit Motion Activated SprinklerNext on our list is a very unique and effective deer repellent category.

These sprinklers use battery-powered motion detectors to sense when deer are near and spray them with water to scare them away.

The combination of the the water and sound from the sprinkler activating startles deer and they tend to vacate the area.

Contech Scarecrow Motion Activated SprinklerThese sprinklers can detect deer from up to 35 ft away and can be linked together with other deer repellent sprinklers to create a large, protected area around your garden.

Reviewers loves these products and state that they are extremely convenient and effective.

We love any of the “set it and forget it” type of deer repellents so this one is definitely at the top of our list!

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  1. Use Deer Fences

Easy Gardener Deer Barrier FencingIf you’ve tried all of the above deer repellents without success, a deer fence may be the only solution to your deer problem.

These fences are the only guaranteed way to ensure that deer don’t have access to your gardens.

The drawbacks to this deer deterrent is that they aren’t always aesthetically pleasing and take some effort to install.

However, once they are put in place, you will have the highest level of security against these animals!

Tenax Deer FencingDeer fences are normally at least 7ft in height as deer are very high jumpers.

They use heavy-duty mesh affixed to posts which are placed around the outside of your garden.

Although deer fences take time and effort to install, they do provide the most peace of mind and are an excellent way to rid your gardens of deer for good!

If you’re only looking to protect a few individual plants, Deer Netting may be a more viable solution.

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Bottom Line

How to Keep Deer Away From the Garden: 6 Tips to Have One of the Best Deer Repellent Gardens!We hope you enjoyed our tips on how to keep deer away from the garden!

Using any or all of the aforementioned products will ensure that you have one of the best deer repellent gardens around!

We’ve researched tons of products and these were the ones with the highest rates of customer satisfaction.

Many people swear by their effectiveness and how they have helped them solve their deer problems.

If we had to choose a place to start, we’d recommend going with an ultrasonic deer deterrent and/or deer repellent spray as they are the easiest to implement and are often enough to get rid of deer.

A deer fence should always be a last resort if you’re unable to deal with deer using other repellents.

We wish you the best of luck in getting rid of deer and hope you’ll return to share your experiences!

Please feel free to leave comments below!

4 thoughts on “How to Keep Deer Away From the Garden: 6 Tips to Have One of the Best Deer Repellent Gardens!”

  1. I have heard that some deer repellents are made to smell like stink bombs. Stink bombs are usually the stuff that has like sulfur in it I believe . When you mention the first deer repellent it actually has eggs in it and that the first and I cross my mind . Deer Scram also made a lot of sense because it imitates the smell of dead deer . Obviously if a deer smells dead deer it means there a danger nearby . Thanks for the tips love your recommendations

    • The smell of these products is normally pretty faint and subsides quickly. However, since Deers’ sense of smell is much stronger than our own, they can still smell it even when we cannot.

      Therefore, these deer repellent sprays are pretty discrete after they’ve been applied.

      You shouldn’t notice a thing!

      Deer Scram is a fantastic product and you’re absolutely right about deer shying away from it.

      We’re glad you enjoyed our article and hope you have luck getting rid of deer!

  2. Thanks for this helpful article about the various products available to keep deer out of your garden. My dad and stepmom had their local deer destroy their entire garden, and I know how upset they were. I don’t think they knew about most of these kinds of products. I’m particularly intrigued by the “predator eyes” product, that’s so creative!

    • We’re very sorry to hear about the damage these deer have caused you guys!

      Using one of the deer repellents on this list is a good way to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

      The predator eye lights work quite well but obviously only at night. You should pair this repellent up with another item on this list.

      Best of luck!


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