How to Protect Plants From Deer: Stop Deer From Eating Flowers!

How to Protect Plants From Deer Stop Deer From Eating FlowersToday we will teach you how to protect plants from deer!

These animals are known to cause plenty of damage to our desirable plants and crops.

Lucky for us, there are a myriad of products on the market that are specifically designed to stop deer from eating flowers.

We’ve sorted through most of these products to present you with the best rated deer repellents available.

These repellents have received outstanding levels of customer satisfaction for their effectiveness.

Below we have separated these products into 6 different deer repellent categories.

At the end of each category, you will see a link to our in-depth reviews on these products where you can learn more about them as well as where they can be purchased.

Now let’s have a look at these different deer repellents.


  1. Deer Repellent Sprays

Bobbex Deer Repellent Concentrate Review: One of the Best Deer Repellent Spray Products!First on our list are these sprays that are specifically designed to scare deer away.

They use strong scents from natural ingredients such as putrescent eggs, garlic, and chili peppers. Deer find all of these smells extremely irritating.

As a result, deer tend to stay away from any area where these products are applied.

Speaking of application, these sprays are typically applied every 1-3 months for maximum protection.

Just mix the concentrate with water and apply directly to plant leaves.

Liquid Fence Deer Repellent Concentrate Review: You Won't be Disappointed!Some of the best deer deterrent products in this category are made by Bobbex and Liquid Fence.

These sprays have been around for many years and have shown to be comparable to a physical deer fence.

They have received thousands of positive reviews stating how well they work to protect peoples’ gardens and get rid of deer.

Furthermore, all of these sprays come with money-back guarantees in the event they don’t solve your deer problems.

We love this category of deer repellent and highly recommend you use them to protect your plants!

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  1. Deer Repellent Granules

Deer Scram Repellent Review An Effective Granular Deer RepellentNext up are these granules which are sprinkled around the perimeter of any area you’re looking to protect.

They are very convenient in that they don’t require any mixing and are ready to use right out of the container.

These granules emit a smell that is similar to other dead deer. These animals find this smell frightening and tend to not come near it.

Once this product has completely broken down, it transforms into an organic, nitrogen-rich fertilizer.

We think this is one of the best deer deterrent products and one that is worthy of your consideration!

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  1. Ultrasonic Deer Repellents

Pest Soldier Sentinel Review: The Best Ultrasonic Deer Repellent!This is one of our favorite categories of deer repellents.

These products work by emitting ultrasonic frequencies that deer find very bothersome.

As a result, they normally stay far away from the source of these sounds.

These devices are very convenient since they don’t require any intervention once set up.

A Great Ultrasonic Deer Repeller: The Hoont Animal Repeller!Our 2 favorite ultrasonic deer repellers are the Pest Soldier Sentinel and the Hoont Animal Repeller.

Both of these products have great coverage areas are are extremely effective at deterring deer with sound.

They have both received rave reviews from plenty of satisfied customers.

We think an ultrasonic deer repellent is a must-have for anyone serious about getting rid of deer for good!

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  1. Solar Deer Repellent Lights

Predator Guard Solar Powered Predator Deterrent LightThis category of deer repellent provides outstanding nighttime insurance against foraging deer.

They work by displaying light patterns that deer find frightening.

Solar panels are located on the tops of these units to charge their batteries during the day and integrated sensors will activate the lights at dusk.

Nite Guard Solar Predator Control LightThe major downside to these products is that they are not effective during the daytime.

However, they are best used in conjunction with another product category from this list.

Deer cause a great deal of damage at night so these lights are a relatively inexpensive way to protect your plants!

We love them and think they are a worthwhile purchase!

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  1. Deer Sprinkler Repellents

Orbit Motion Activated SprinklerThis deer repellent category is probably the most unique on our list.

They work by startling deer with a sudden blast of water.

Integrated, battery-operated sensors detect when deer are within the vicinity and automatically activate the sprinkler.

Contech Scarecrow Motion Activated SprinklerThe sound from the activation coupled with the spray of water, scares deer away from the area.

These sprinklers are capable of spraying deer at distances up to 35 ft away.

Multiple sprinklers may be linked together depending on how large the area is that you’re looking to protect.

We think these make awesome deer deterrents and come well recommended from thousands of happy customers!

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  1. Deer Fences

Easy Gardener Deer Barrier FencingLastly, deer fences are to be used in the event that the other products on this list weren’t able to solve your problem.

They create a physical barrier between deer and your desirable plants.

As a result, deer are unable to access these plants and wreak the havoc they so desire.

Tenax Deer FencingIt is the only permanent, guaranteed solution to a serious deer infestation.

Although this strategy requires considerably more effort than the other deterrents above, it provides the most amount of security.

They are at least 7ft in height and made from heavy-duty mesh material.

This mesh is attached to posts that are to be placed around the perimeter of your garden.

If this method is too cumbersome for you, another viable solution is Deer Netting. This is intended to protect individual plants opposed to an entire garden.

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Bottom Line

How to Protect Plants From Deer Stop Deer From Eating FlowersThe deer repellent categories above are all great ways to stop deer from eating flowers!

These are the products that have the highest ratings based on customer feedback.

Check out the reviews yourself to see thousands of satisfied, repeat customers.

Our general recommendation is that you start with a deer repellent spray and/or an ultrasonic deer repellent.

These are usually more than enough to dissuade deer from damaging your flowers.

If however, these prove to be inadequate, a deer fence may be the only way to stop them.

Overall, all of the products listed above are outstanding and will help you with your deer-related struggles.

We wish you the best of luck and hope you liked our tips on how to protect plants from deer!

Please feel free to leave comments below!


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