Messina Wildlife PlotSaver Deer Repellent Review

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Messina Wildlife PlotSaver Deer Repellent ReviewMessina Wildlife PlotSaver Deer Repellent is a unique system that sits somewhere between a deer fence and a deer spray.

It’s made by the same manufacturer as Deer Stopper and consists of a ribbon treated with PlotSaver deer repellent.

This deer repellent ribbon is attached to stakes along the perimeter of the area you’re looking to protect.

Once completed, you will be guarded by the PlotSaver Deer Barrier System.

This product is a great way to shield an entire area from deer rather than treating individual plants.

Below we will provide you with some of the product features, PlotSaver reviews and where to buy PlotSaver.


Product Features

  • PlotSaver RibbonThe PlotSaver Deer Barrier System consists of 840 feet of reusable ribbon and 1 pint of PlotSaver deer repellent concentrate (Enough to make 1.25 gallons of usable product when mixed with water).
  • PlotSaver ConcentrateThis deer repellent ribbon is treated with the sprayable, organic deer repellent to create a physical and sensory barrier that deer won’t care to cross.
  • PlotSaver deer repellent should be applied every 30 days for maximum deer repelling ability. There is enough concentrate in this system to treat the entire ribbon for approximately 100 days.
  • PlotSaver StakesIt is recommended that the ribbon be mounted 30 inches high on stakes 30 feet apart. To make this task easier, you can use these fiberglass stakes and these stake clips to attach the ribbon.
  • Messina Wildlife states that this product is completely safe for people, pets, plants, and beneficial insects.
  • The customizable nature of this system allows you to create a barrier of any shape and size to ensure your entire desired area is protected.
  • By only treating the ribbon, PlotSaver is a much more economical alternative to broadcast spraying all of your plants.
  • Furthermore, the system can be easily removed and reused for many years.
  • For more information, please visit PlotSaver’s Research Information page.

Check out this man’s incredible results using the PlotSaver Deer Barrier System:


What People Are Saying

Over 75% of PlotSaver reviews are between 4 and 5 stars on Amazon.

The reviews really speak for themselves. They are full of people who state that deer haven’t gone near the PlotSaver barrier they’ve set up.

Users have shared pictures of their treated areas and it’s absolutely stunning. These results are consistent with those seen in the video above.

Peoples’ crops have been flourishing and growing uninterrupted by deer since using the PlotSaver system.

This may not be the most aesthetically pleasing solution but it is much cheaper and more convenient than spraying all of your plants and/or installing a deer fence.

In order to conserve the PlotSaver deer repellent, users have recommended either soaking the ribbon in a bucket prior to application or using a sponge to apply the repellent rather than spraying.

PlotSaver has been a lifesaver to many people who continue to use this product year after year!


Bottom Line

Messina Wildlife PlotSaver Deer Repellent ReviewWe give Messina Wildlife PlotSaver Deer Repellent 2 huge thumbs up!

It’s an easy, cost-effective way to protect gardens and large plots of land from foraging deer.

This innovative system allows you to protect your land without the hassle of installing a permanent fence.

The organic deer repellent included in this system does a phenomenal job at continuously repelling deer.

Reviewers couldn’t be more happy with the success they’ve experienced which says a lot about this product.

The videos and pictures that they post are beyond impressive and worthy taking note of when considering this product.

We love the efficiency and effectiveness of the PlotSaver system! You should definitely give it a try if you’re looking to protect your yard and/or garden from deer!

See the link below for where to buy PlotSaver.

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