The Best Deer Whistles for Cars: Helping You Avoid Deer While Driving!

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The Best Deer Whistles for Cars: Helping You Avoid Deer While Driving!Today we will be helping you chose from the best deer whistles for cars.

One of the biggest hazards on the road aside from texting teenagers are deer!

They are responsible for accidents, deaths, and plenty of damage.

Check out State Farm’s US map to see the likelihood of a deer collision in your state.

State Farm also notes that drivers are much more likely to be involved in a deer collision in the months of November, October, and December (in that order).

Unfortunately, deer aren’t very responsive when it comes to traffic and have been known to stand right in the middle of busy roads.

Furthermore, they have also been known to run directly into traffic.

These defensive driving tips are invaluable in preparing for a deer-related issue while driving.

While not 100% guaranteed to work, deer whistles provide some insurance to help you avoid deer while driving.

We certainly recommend using them as they are a relatively inexpensive way to help keep deer away from your vehicle.

Below we will provide you with some of our favorite deer whistles.

Save-A-Deer Whistle

Save-A-Deer WhistleThis is by far, one of our favorite deer whistles.

Unlike other whistles that utilize 2 separate units to deter deer, this all-in-one whistle requires that only 1 whistle be mounted.

It uses strong, self adhesive tape to stick to your mounting location.

This is the smallest air-activated unit on the market and measures less than 1 cubic inch in size.

Once the vehicle reaches a speed of 35 mph or faster, the whistle creates a sound that alerts deer to stay away from your vehicle.

The manufacturer notes that deer normally respond to this sound by freezing alongside the road or perking their ears up to look at the vehicle.

This product has been widely successful with over 2 million of these devices sold to date!

Please visit Save-A-Deer’s FAQ Page for more information.

The deer whistle reviews for this product are overwhelmingly favorable.

For the most part, people state that they haven’t had any close calls since installing them and it has given them a greater sense of confidence when driving.

While this result could be merely coincidental, we think the Save-A-Deer Whistle is a worthwhile purchase to help you keep deer away.

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Bell Deer Warning Whistle

Bell Deer Warning WhistleThis product has been one of the best selling deer whistles on Amazon for quite some time.

It uses 2 separate horns (mounted on the driver and passenger sides of your vehicle) to deter deer.

These horns produce different frequencies to help lure deer away from your vehicle.

Like the previous whistle, this one is activated once it reaches a specific speed.

A nifty feature of these whistles is that they can be removed from their base for cleaning or going through car washes.

The deer whistle reviews for this product are very good.

There are numerous people that state that it has helped them avoid deer collisions and even some accounts of deer running away from their vehicle.

We think the Bell Deer Warning Whistle is one of the better products out there and certainly one you should consider!

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Hopkins Electronic Deer Alert Whistle

Hopkins Electronic Deer Alert WhistleUnlike the previous 2 products which were air-activated, this product uses your vehicle’s power to repel deer; making it an electronic deer whistle.

It produces an ultrasonic sound that warns deer within a quarter mile that you are approaching.

This electronic deer whistle uses a simulated rattle snake sound to scare deer away from your vehicle.

The product includes all necessary mounting and operating hardware.

This easy-to-use unit is operated with a simple on/off switch. It can also be wired to automatically activate with your headlights or ignition.

The manufacturer claims that this product is 10x safer than conventional deer whistles, won’t clog, and can be concealed much better.

Check out the video below for more information on this product:

The deer whistle reviews for this product are pretty impressive.

People like the fact that it can be activated at their desire and doesn’t require a specific speed for use.

They also like how concealable and maintenance-free it is.

However, they do note that it is considerably more audible than air-activated products at lower speeds.

Overall, people enjoy using the Hopkins Electronic Deer Alert Whistle and think it helps protect their families while driving.

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Bottom Line

The Best Deer Whistles for Cars: Helping You Avoid Deer While Driving!While it’s not a surefire way to avoid deer while driving, we believe deer whistles provide cheap insurance against deer collisions.

The products listed above have received some of the best ratings on the web, therefore we consider them to be the best deer whistles for cars.

Users rave about their lack of deer interactions since installing them and the confidence it has given them while driving.

Our advice is to always drive defensively and follow the tips in the link we posted at the beginning of this article.

If you do decide to purchase one of these deer whistles, make sure that they are still mounted every so often as objects and inclement weather can sometimes cause them to come off.

Furthermore, clean air-activated whistles periodically to ensure that the holes do not become blocked/clogged by bugs or debris.

We wish you the best of luck in avoiding deer collisions and urge you to drive both slowly and safely!

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