How to Keep Deer From Eating Roses For Good! Stop the Deer Damage!

You’ve undoubtably arrived here today wondering, Do deer eat roses? The answer to that is a resounding yes!

The aim of this article is to teach you how to keep deer from eating roses for good!

Deer absolutely love these flowers and aren’t a bit phased by their thorns.

We’ve witnessed these animals mow down entire rose bushes in minutes.

Our goal today is to present you with some of the best deer repellent options so that you may finally stop the deer damage and restore your roses!

Below you will find 6 different categories of deer repellents with explanations on how they work.

Furthermore, there will be links to the complete product reviews along with where they can be bought.

Let’s have a look at some of these products:

Ultrasonic Deer Repellents

When it comes to convenience, ultrasonic deer devices are certainly hard to beat.

Unlike some of the other items on this list, these require virtually no maintenance after they’re placed in your yard.

Ultrasonic repellers work by broadcasting specific frequencies that are bothersome to deer.

This is usually enough to persuade them to stay away from your roses and seek destruction elsewhere.

They are constructed of heavy-duty materials and can be left outside year-round.

Our favorite product in this category is the Yard Sentinel. It has integrated sensors to activate the unit when deer come near. It also has a very impressive coverage area of 5,000 square feet.

Another fantastic option is the Hoont Animal Repeller. This deer repellent device uses a built-in light to assist in repelling deer. Furthermore, it has an integrated solar panel to recharge the batteries so be sure to place this one in the sun!

Overall, you can’t go wrong with either of these options and it’s definitely a great way to get rid of deer for good!

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Deer Repellent Sprays

Next up is one of the best categories of deer repellents available.

These sprays repel deer by targeting their sense of smell and taste.

Natural ingredients such as rotten eggs and chili peppers are used to convince deer that your plants aren’t appetizing to them.

However, these smells are usually odorless to humans and don’t leave any residue or staining on your plants.

Some of our favorite deer repellent sprays are those made by Bobbex and Liquid Fence.

These companies have been putting out these sprays for a long time and have become some of the best in the business.

Their unique formulations have proved to be extremely effective in deterring deer.

We love deer repellent sprays and can’t say enough good things about them!

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Deer Repellent Granules

Granules such as Deer Scram are another great way to scare deer away from your roses.

Just scatter them on the ground around your rose bushes and deer normally won’t go near them.

Make sure to place them a few feet away from the actual plant so they don’t reach over and pluck those pretty roses!

These granules mimic the smell of dead deer which these animals aren’t too fond of.

They are comprised of organic materials and break down into a natural fertilizer when their useful life is over!

It’s a super convenient way to repel deer and one that we highly advise trying in your gardens!

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Deer Sprinkler Repellents

When the subject of sprinklers is broached, normally it refers to watering your grass.

However, in this instance, they’re effective, deer repelling devices.

These deer sprinklers use a friendly spray of water to scare deer away from your roses!

Deer sprinkler repellents have proved to be a great means for repelling deer and keeping them away!

Sensors detect when deer enter the vicinity and spray them up to 35ft away.

Several deer sprinklers may be linked together to provide additional security for your rose bushes!

These are an awesome way to repel deer and definitely one worth putting in your garden!

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Solar Deer Repellent Lights

Deer lights are a great deer repellent but must be used with another deterrent on this list.

The main reason for this is that they only work at night.

During the daytime, the lights are deactivated and these devices are in recharging mode using the integrated solar panels.

However, they are extremely effective at keeping deer away throughout the night.

Deer are deathly afraid of the light patterns these devices produce and as a result, don’t come near them.

These units provide incredible assurance that your roses will still be there in the morning!

We absolutely love them and think they are a worthwhile purchase!

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Deer Fences

Last but not least, deer fences are used if you want the highest level of security against deer.

These fences provide a strong, physical barrier that deer can’t get through.

A strong, mesh material is attached to fence posts around the outside of your garden to prevent deer from gaining access to your roses.

They are 7ft tall to account for deers’ incredible jumping ability.

We highly recommend that you try other deterrents on this list before resorting to a fence but in the event you need one, it will pay dividends for you!

This along with Deer Netting are very popular options among people with roses and for good reason; they work well!

Deer fencing is the only surefire way to give your roses 100% protection!

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Bottom Line

How to Keep Deer From Eating Roses Stop the Deer Damage (2)

If you were wondering, Do deer eat roses, you now have your answer.

The deer deterrents we discussed above are all phenomenal ways to stop the deer damage to your roses!

They were specifically designed with deer in mind and have tons of positive reviews.

After much due diligence, these deer repellents were some of the highest rated, most effective products on the market.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with any of the aforementioned products as they are some of the best available.

It’s a good idea to start off with the less invasive options like ultrasonic repellents and move toward the more serious options such as deer fences if necessary.

Most of the time deer can be dealt with by using simple deer deterrents that don’t require much effort at all.

We hope you enjoyed our lesson on how to keep deer from eating roses!

Please come back to let us know how these products worked for you!

Feel free to leave comments below!

4 thoughts on “How to Keep Deer From Eating Roses For Good! Stop the Deer Damage!”

  1. THANK YOU! This year, for the first time since we have lived here, the deer are eating our flowers. Bummer! I really don’t want to harm the deer in any way, and don’t want them to avoid our property at all. Just want to keep them from eating the flowers! After all, there is a reason why we called our place “Fawns Crossing!” Again, thank you very much for the multitude of ideas. I’m passing along this link to my friends on FB and on NextDoor.

  2. I heard human hair in knee high hose tied on branch last a year or more? Fruit orchard owner uses this method, any others?

    • We have heard of people having success with this method. The main reason we don’t write about it on this site is because most people don’t have access to human hair all the time. If you wind up giving it a try, please return to let us know how it worked for you!


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