Can You Pet a Wild Deer? 4 Reasons Why it’s NOT a Great Idea!

Can You Pet a Wild Deer

Deer are so cute and cuddly aren’t they? Wouldn’t it be amazing to reach out and touch one? For some reason people have a false perception of these animals. Maybe it’s the way they’ve been portrayed in childhood cartoons or the fact that they don’t have a predatory appearance. So, can you pet a wild … Read more

How are Deer so Quiet?

How are Deer so Quiet

If you’ve ever spent any time in wooded areas, you’ve surely heard random rustling in the leaves. While it may sound like a large animal such as a deer, it’s most often squirrels or chipmunks making all that racket. This seems completely counterintuitive doesn’t it? If something so small can be so loud, how is … Read more

Yard Sentinel Review: The Best Ultrasonic Deer Repellent!

Yard Sentinel Review The Best Ultrasonic Deer Repellent!

Our Yard Sentinel review will demonstrate why we believe this is the best ultrasonic deer repellent on the market today. Very few ultrasonic deer repellents live up to their claims. They often fail to emit the proper frequencies to deter deer for any meaningful length of time. The few products that do emit the correct frequencies usually suffer … Read more