A Great Ultrasonic Deer Repeller: The Hoont Animal Repeller!

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Unlike most of its rivals, the Hoont Animal Repeller has proven to be a fantastic ultrasonic deer repeller.

It delivers the proper range of frequencies to deter deer from your property and ensure they don’t return.

This set it and forget it product allows you to forgo the harmful chemicals by engaging the animals’ sense of sight and sound to discourage them from coming near.

Hoont has created many trustworthy animal deterrent products over the years and this one is certainly no different.

Below we will discuss this product’s specifications and how it operates.

Product Features

  • This product has 3 different frequency and 7 sensitivity settings to choose from. These allow you to customize the sounds to be used as well as how easily the unit is triggered.
  • An integrated, flashing LED light is used to help scare deer away. The combination of sight and sound helps to effectively deter deer. This light can be deactivated if the user desires.
  • Unlike other types of ultrasonic deer repellents, this one is solar powered. 3 rechargeable AA batteries are included with this unit. It can also be recharged via the included USB cable
  • The Hoont Animal Repeller is completely weatherproof. It’s capable of withstanding everything from snow and frigid winters to the blazing hot summer sun. The combination of a strong metal stake and it’s durable plastic casing make it perfect for year round use.
  • It has a range of up to 30 feet to detect any incoming intruders.
  • This product measures in at 6″ wide by 3.5″ high (without stake) by 2″ deep and weighs almost 1lb.

Check out this informative video on this product:

What People Are Saying

People love how easy the unit is to use with no maintenance needed. They simply place it in a sunny area as the unit recharges itself every day.

Users state that this product has helped them scare deer away as well as many other types of animals.

Another major selling point of this deer deterrent is the fact that it’s environmentally friendly. People like not having to spray their properties with harmful chemicals.

Overall, the Hoont Pest Repeller reviews are very positive. People who purchased this product are quite satisfied and impressed with the results.

Bottom Line

We give the Hoont Animal Repeller 2 big thumbs up!

It has proven itself as a great ultrasonic deer repeller as well as a deterrent for many other types of nuisance animals.

This product’s customization settings along with the use of sight and sound make it one of the most effective deer deterrents on the market today.

With so many types of ultrasonic deer deterrents to choose from, and virtually none of them living up to their claims, this item is a no-brainer!

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16 thoughts on “A Great Ultrasonic Deer Repeller: The Hoont Animal Repeller!”

  1. How does this device affect birds?

  2. I have issues with deer in my fenced in yard. We get approx 10 deer a night and they eat up my garden and most of my plants. I also have 2 dogs that use the same yard. Will this item affect my dogs?

  3. In the written part it says range is up to 30 yards but on the video it says 30 feet. Which is it?

  4. I noticed in comments you wrote that the device doesn’t impact dogs and birds. I went to the Hoont website to read more about the product. 30 feet will keep the deer away from my rose bushes, but still allow them to graze in the woods near our property. The website says it also repels squirrels, mice, bears, birds, and dogs. We have a bird feeder that is up high that is out in the winter. I don’t mind the woodpeckers and colorful birds that come to the feeder. Would this affect them? My yard/neighborhood has had a bald eagle, an osprey, a bear that is approximately 2 years old, and a history of coyotes visiting and/or taking residence. I wouldn’t mind deterring them away from the fenced in portion of the yard as I have 1 small dog and 1 medium dog. Would this deter all birds, including ones as large as a bald eagle? Is it effective in deterring bear, squirrels, and coyotes too? I want to protect my dogs, but not have them be affected by this device. Is there a way to position the device so it does not affect the fenced in area where my dogs go outside? Are different settings on the device used to deter specific animals or do the settings just affect the strength of the signal?

    • This item shouldn’t adversely impact the birds visiting your property. It is designed to only deter the targeted pests stated on the Hoont website.

  5. What should the dials be set at?

  6. Does this affect horses

  7. Complete waste of money !!!


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