Why do People Hunt Deer? 7 Reasons why People Enjoy it!

When you think of hunting, what animal naturally comes to mind? Deer of course. That’s because it is one of the most commonly hunted animals in the world.

In fact, approximately 6 million deer are killed each hunting season in the U.S. alone!

For many who aren’t familiar with hunting, this raises the question, Why do people hunt deer?

There are 7 main reasons why people hunt deer. This includes: Meat Acquisition, Recreation, Tradition, Population Control, Conservation, Connecting with Nature, and Economic Benefits. Virtually every hunter will tell you they hunt deer for a combination of these reasons.

Meat Acquisition

The first and most obvious reason that people choose to hunt deer is for their meat.

Deer meat is known as Venison. This word comes from the Latin word “Venatus” which means “to hunt.”

Every season, hunters stock their freezers with venison to provide food and nourishment for their families.

In a world full of synthetic, man-made chemical infested food, hunting deer provides a unique opportunity to acquire meat that hasn’t been tainted.

This nutrient dense meat provides 23g of protein in a single 100g serving.


A second reason why people choose to hunt deer is for recreation and sport.

While it may look easy in movies and Youtube videos, I can assure you that hunting deer is no easy endeavor.

Whether you’re hunting with a firearm or bow, it takes a tremendous amount of skill, knowledge, and experience to effectively find and kill these animals.

There’s no two ways about it, deer hunting is difficult and requires boatloads of patience.

Just talk to a hunter who’s spent hours in a tree stand in the freezing cold, just to come up empty handed.

Deer hunting is challenging and that’s exactly what makes it so gratifying when you have a successful hunt.


Going back to the meaning of the word Venison (to hunt), you can see that there is an ancestral link between hunting and deer that stretches back thousands of years.

Man is linked to the deer and has relied on it for sustenance for as long as we’ve existed.

Deer hunting has become a tradition in many families. It is a precious opportunity to bond with family members.

Parents are able to teach their children the art of hunting and pass down the knowledge that was bestowed upon them for generations.

There is nothing more satisfying than teaching your children to become self-sufficient by being able to obtain their own source of food.

Population Control

It’s no secret that deer breed like wildfire.

This poses real problems from disease spread to increased automobile accidents.

Did you know that deer are responsible for over 1 million automobile collisions each year?

Deer overpopulation also poses an enormous burden to farmers as the land can’t sustain the increased grazing and property damage.

Just look at the issues this farmer is dealing with due to an overabundance of deer:

Don’t forget the damage that deer do to residential properties either. These animals ravage gardens and force people to purchase deer repellents to try and ward them off.

Hunting is a means of keeping the deer population in check while also getting rid of less desirable deer such as the old and sick.

This results in a healthier, disease-free deer population.


While animal activists may say how cruel hunting is, most don’t know that deer hunting actually contributes to wildlife conservation.

Licensing fees often go towards conservation efforts such as preserving animal sanctuaries and ensuring there are healthy animal populations in the area.

Hunters contribute more to wildlife conservation than just about any other group in existance.

Without them, wildlife agencies wouldn’t have the necessary financial support to ensure that specific animals aren’t overhunted.

Connecting with Nature

Many people choose to hunt to connect with nature.

It’s tough to put into words the emotions that hunting instills.

Being out in the wilderness allows you to take a step back in time before the advent of modern-day creature comforts.

Listening to the sounds of the wilderness and breathing the fresh morning air are a privilege like no other.

When you take a deer, you have formed a natural bond with that animal.

It’s life will translate into nourishment for you and your family.

This primal connection to your food source is one of the most important facets of being a deer hunter.

Economic Benefits

The last reason for hunting deer, one that is often overlooked, is the economic benefits that it provides for the local economy.

Just think about where your hard-earned money goes before you have a chance to consume that delicious venison.

You’re contributing to your local environmental conservation for tags, the bow/firearm companies, hunting equipment companies, potentially private land owners, butchers, and the list goes on.

Deer hunting is a tremendous economic driver. It has been and always will be a way for hard-working everyday people to earn a buck and do what they love to do!

Final Thoughts

If you arrived here today wondering, Why do people hunt deer? You should have a firm grip on the 7 answers to this question.

Meat Acquisition, Recreation, Tradition, Population Control, Conservation, Connecting with Nature, and Economic Benefits are all major reasons why hunters choose to hunt deer every season.

Deer hunting is an extremely gratifying sport. A rare one which provides nutritious food for your family that hasn’t been contaminated by man.

We love everything that deer hunting symbolizes and all of the benefits that it provides to the community.

Please feel free to share your experiences below and let us know what you love most about deer hunting!

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