Deer Out Spray Review: It’s Hard to Beat Deer Out Repellent!

Product Rating

Deer Out Spray is hands down one of the best deer repellents around!

Not only are there thousands of rave reviews across the web, but Deer Out also claims that it has over 100,000 repeat customers.

Deer Out Repellent has some of the highest ratings and sales for 1 very obvious reason; it works.

We love this product and think it should be considered by anyone who is serious about getting rid of their deer problem.

As with all other concentrates reviewed on this site, we only advise purchasing this product in concentrate form. By simply mixing it with water, you will get significantly more usable product than you would in a pre-diluted spray bottle.

One of the best things about this product is that it comes with a 100% money back guarantee from the manufacturer (LaTorre).

Deer Out Deer Repellent has been around for quite some time now and is one of our favorite products. We are sure you’ll agree once you give it a shot!

Below we will provide you with some of the product features, Deer Out reviews and where to buy Deer Out Concentrate.

Product Features

  • Deer Out Repellent uses all natural, environmentally friendly ingredients; making it safe for use on edible plants. Furthermore, it is safe to be used around pets and humans.
  • The primary ingredient responsible for repelling deer in this formula is peppermint oil. Although this smell may be pleasant to humans, deer are discouraged by it and will stay far away once they get a whiff.
  • This product dries clear and won’t leave a film, stain, or residue on areas it is applied to.
  • It is formulated with 2 natural ingredients that prevent it from washing off in inclement weather. As a result, one application can last as long as 3 or more months.
  • Deer Out Deer Repellent has been specifically formulated to keep deer away from flowers, shrubs, fruits, vegetables, and trees.
  • Deer Out contains 32oz of concentrate and is mixed with water in a spray bottle such as this. Once diluted, this bottle produces 2.5 gallons of usable product.
  • For more information on this product and frequently asked questions, please visit Deer Out’s FAQ page.

What People Are Saying

The vast majority of Deer Out reviews are between 4 and 5 stars on Amazon. Furthermore, there are tons of testimonials on the Deer Out site.

The theme in these reviews is blatantly obvious; Deer Out gets rid of deer!

People feel very fortunate for finding this product. It has solved all of their deer related issues.

Reviewers note that their plants are thriving and they haven’t seen any deer in the treated areas.

In addition, they state that this product lasts much longer than other deer repellent sprays they’ve tried in the past.

Another key benefit that people cite is this product’s effectiveness in the winter. They state that Deer Off holds up well in cold weather and isn’t easily washed off by rain or snow.

Deer Out has saved these people considerable sums of money and they are very appreciative for its effectiveness.

Bottom Line

Deer Out Spray is definitely one of the best performing products we’ve reviewed to date.

It’s extremely effective formula coupled with its long lasting application life qualifies it as a top contender for best deer repellent spray.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, surely the money back guarantee will remove all doubt.

With nothing to lose, we highly recommend giving this deer deterrent spray a shot and letting us know how it panned out for you!

This is currently one of our most preferred products and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

We hope you have the same success that thousands of other purchasers have had!

See the link below for where to buy Deer Out Concentrate.

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