Deer Scram Repellent Review: An Effective Granular Deer Repellent!

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Deer Scram Repellent Review An Effective Granular Deer RepellentUnlike most of the natural deer repellents that we review on this site which are liquid in nature, Deer Scram Repellent is a very effective granular deer repellent.

Rather than being sprayed directly on plants, it is sprinkled around the perimeter of the area you’re looking to protect.

This creates a barrier that deer will not care to cross.

The manufacturer claims that this repellent lasts significantly longer than sprayable repellents and is far more convenient to apply.

Below we will provide you with some of the product features, Deer Scram reviews and where to buy Deer Scram.


  • Deer Scram Repellent Review An Effective Granular Deer RepellentThe granular nature of this product means there is no mixing of concentrates or spraying to apply.
  • There is no noticeable or foul odor like some of its sprayable competitors.
  • This organic deer repellent uses all natural ingredients to repel dear. After its effective life is over, it will biodegrade into high nitrogen organic nutrients.
  • As stated before, Deer Scram creates a barrier to prevent deer from accessing your plants before they have an opportunity to taste them. It does this by simulating the smell of their dead kin to elicit a fear response.
  • This product should be applied every 30 to 45 days depending on the weather.
  • It is resistant to both rain and snow.
  • In addition, it has proven to be effective against rabbits.
  • Deer Scram comes in a variety of sizes but the 6lb pail is one of the better values. A scoop is included to make distributing the product easier.

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Deer Scram Repellent Review An Effective Granular Deer RepellentOver 70% of Deer Scram reviews are between 4 and 5 stars on Amazon.

People find that this granular deer repellent is far easier to apply than its sprayable counterparts.

It has done a wonderful job at creating a barrier that deer refuse to cross.

Their crops are growing unimpeded and flourishing as if there were no deer in their area.

This product has become an utmost necessity to gardeners all over.

It provides all of the insurance they need to make sure their desirable plants aren’t destroyed by deer.

Furthermore, people love that this is an organic deer repellent. They are comforted by the fact that they are not putting harmful chemicals around their plants, pets, and families.

Overall, reviewers are quite satisfied with the performance of this product.


Deer Scram Repellent Review An Effective Granular Deer RepellentDeer Scram Repellent is one of our most favorite natural deer repellents on the market.

We like the unique, convenient application method of simply sprinkling it on the ground.

In addition, we love the fact that it’s made from organic ingredients and has a money-back guarantee from the manufacturer.

Deer Scram is a wonderful granular product that should keep deer away from your gardens for good!

We wish you the best of luck with getting rid of deer using this awesome product!

See the link below for where to buy Deer Scram.

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