Solar Deer Repellent Lights: A Great Way to Scare Deer Away!

One popular method of deterring deer is with solar deer repellent lights.

These deer repellents use solar power to charge the batteries inside them. The power is then used to illuminate LED lights to scare deer away.

The lights blink in patterns that startle the deer and discourage them from coming near.

Naturally, this biggest limitation of these devices is the fact that they only work at night.

However, since deer do a lot of their damage at night, these devices are cheap insurance to ensure that you are protected around the clock!

Below are 2 solar powered deer repellent devices that we recommend.

Predator Eye Powered Predator Deterrent Light

Product Rating

This is one of the most popular and highest regarded deer deterrent lights on the market.

The light on the face of the unit simulate those of a predator’s eyes which in turn scare deer away. They blink in random patterns so that the deer do not get used to them and are always caught off guard.

These maintenance-free lights are constructed with tough components to withstand the elements all year long.

In addition to deer, these lights will deter just about any nuisance animal roaming your property at night.

The unit is charged using solar power in the day and is automatically activated at night. The panel is placed on an angle for maximum sun exposure and to ensure that snow and ice will not accumulate on it.

Below is an informative video on this product:

Reviewers of this product are extremely satisfied with the results. They state that it’s one of the most effective solar powered deer repellent devices they’ve used.

People note that they have experienced a complete absence of deer from their properties.

They love how the unit works on its own and just needs the sun to do its job.

Overall, the Predator Eye reviews show that this is one of the best solar deer repellent lights on the market today!

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Nite Guard Solar Predator Control Light

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This is another great solar deer repeller and the only other product that we currently recommend.

The Nite Guard Solar Predator Control Light delivers a constant, pulsating red light to discourage deer and other animals from coming neer.

Like the Predator Eye model, this one is automatically activated at night and deactivates during the day while it charges.

It is also completely weatherproof and is able to be outside year round.

This solar deer repeller has a range of approximately 500 yards.

The manufacturer also recommends using 4 of these units for complete 360 degree coverage.

Here is some more information on this unit:

The lion’s share of Nite Guard Solar reviews are very positive.

People have had varying levels of success but mostly note that it has helped them get rid of their deer damage issues.

The lion’s share of Nite Guard Solar reviews show that people are very satisfied with their purchase. They also note that they use multiple lights to protect their desired areas.

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Bottom Line

Solar Deer Repellent Lights: A Great Way to Scare Deer Away!

Both of these solar deer repellent lights are great at keeping deer off your property.

They have long, proven track records with fantastic rates of customer satisfaction.

It is a very convenient, hands-free way of ensuring these animals stay far away.

We recommend using them in conjunction with another type of deer repellent for added security.

If we had to choose one of these products, we’d go with the Predator Eye model as it has a superior design and operating method.

Overall, these deer deterrents are fundamental to your campaign of getting rid of deer for good!

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10 thoughts on “Solar Deer Repellent Lights: A Great Way to Scare Deer Away!”

  1. Can I purchase these blinking lights at a store other than on online?

  2. How does this work in a neighborhood, are lights strong enough to disturb people through windows?
    How wide does the light cover? We live on a corner with a street on two sides and houses all sides, would cars activate them?

    • It is very difficult to say how it would perform in your exact environment. It also depends on exactly where they are mounted.

      These days Amazon has free returns on most items so we would advise giving them a try and returning them if they do not perform to your satisfaction.

  3. I would buy the PredatorGuard unit to put at the entrance of my driveway which is heavily shaded but I can bring in electric power for charging ??? batteries. I intend to also fence (7.5 feet Tenax) on my property connecting both opposite sides of my house, but the driveway becomes an issue. I have 5 deer at least twice a day this year–daytime and nighttime, so what do I do????? It is the worst in 36 years on my property. I need HElP in purchasing the right units for daytime and nighttime.. I was told that deer do not like walking on asphalt, but these guys are lean and mean and even ate my chrysanthemums last week. Help. I have 3 weeks total to instal a system so we can go south for the fall and winter..

    • If you will be away from the property for an extended period of time you will definitely need something that is self-sustaining such as Solar Deer Repellent Lights or a Deer Fence.

  4. Will these work if they are placed in a shaded area? It’s not heavily shaded but doesn’t get any sun.

    • It is not advisable to place this product in a shaded area as it will not be able to charge properly.


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